Feature highlights:

  • Easy and inexpensive enhancement of an entire X-ray fleet to EU LEDS Standard 2 Type C
  • No change in checkpoint design needed
  • No additional operator training needed
  • No disruption in airport operations
  • Compatible with most functions and features of the HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si incl. TIP
  • Applies to all HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si manufactured since 2007

TIM (Threat Identification Module for Liquids) is a quick and cost-effective upgrade for the HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si X-ray systems which allow them to meet stringent European legislation for Liquid Explosive Detection (LEDS) Standard 2 Type C.

This upgrade applies to both the installation of new X-ray systems, as well as those already deployed in the field, with minimal checkpoint changes required. Its mechanical housing contains the required X-ray generator, the detector line and the computer hardware for Liquid Explosive Detection algorithms.

For the convenience of operators TIM visually marks suspect objects with a red frame. Smiths Detection’s established good image quality of single-view X-ray systems remains unchanged.

TIM enables reliable and consistent automated screening of all passenger belongings, in real-time and in one go.

TIM has been approved as Liquid Explosives Detection System according to EU Standard 2 Type C, operated  with HI-SCAN 6040i and HI-SCAN 6046si single-view systems.

Dimensions 2004 (L) x 1090 (W) x 1315 (H) (mm)

78.9 (L) x 42.91 (W) x 51.77 (H) (inches)

Weight 618 kg/1.362,44 lbs (HS 6040i included)

625 kg/1.377,87 lbs (HS 6046si included)