TEL640 XL Response Vehicle – EOD IED NBC Detection and Response

The Tel640 XL system, with its powerful engine, can attain a top speed of over 100 km/h, but speed is not the prime criteria when deploying highly specialised vehicles of this type.

Above all, bomb disposal technicians appreciate the carrying capacity of the XL-class, which makes it possible to have the full array of EOD resources on hand, when and where they are needed. Moreover, the Tel640 EOD, IED, and NBC Detection and Response vehicle can serve as a mobile operations centre.


TEL640 - picture


Unlike the more compact L-class systems, Cobham’s XL systems are best suited to airport security roles and deployment in less congested suburban districts. For example, the Saudi Royal Air Force uses TEL640 XL systems to protect all five of the Kingdom’s international airports.


These roomy vehicles can comfortably carry up to five EOD specialists; moreover, the interior fittings of the XL-class systems are little short of luxurious. The TEL640 systems generally feature a separate command cell between the driver’s cab and the work area. The command cell offers space for both operators of the EOD robots, enabling them to focus fully on the task at hand.


A 500 kg-capacity hydraulic lift effortlessly loads and unloads the two robots and other heavy items of equipment.


A fully equipped documentation centre enables recording and processing of all imagery data generated by the mobile and stationary video cameras.