SmartTech Support

         SmartTech Support


Feature highlights:

  • Worldwide real-time analysis by highly experienced bomb technicians
  • SmartTech Team is comprised entirely of active and retired bomb squad personnel
  • Prevents business disruption and dramatic financial loss
  • Complete liability coverage under the DHS SAFETY Act

SmartTech was developed by MSA utilizing a proprietary high speed video and VoIP configuration to instantly transmit suspect images from X-ray machines anywhere in the world to the MSA Emergency Operations Center in New York City for real-time analysis by our bomb technicians.

SmartTech provides our clients with the very best in explosive detection and remote monitoring by eliminating the need for clients to unnecessarily shut down systems, evacuate their facility or disrupt business.

SmartTech can be used with HI-SCAN X-ray machines to give screeners immediate access to highly experienced MSA Bomb Technicians for analysis and consultation. This eliminates the need for unnecessary evacuations and shutdowns. SmartTech is a tool for preventing suspicious items from breaching a facility.

The MSA SmartTech Team have hundreds of years of combined experience and work quickly and efficiently in real-time with your on-the-ground team to fully understand and resolve the situation.

Technology Proprietary high speed video and VoIP
Operational range Worldwide
Hours of operation 24 hours
Hardware Platform Tower PC
Power 350 Watts
Processor Dual Core i5-650
Memory 8 GB 1333 MHz, DDR3 SDRAM
Video Card nVidia: dual DVI-D
Hard Drive Storage (unformatted) 1TB mirrored redundancy
Hard Drive Controller RAID1
NIC Integrated 10/100/1000 Ethernet
External Media 16X DVD+/-RW

(2) PS2

(1) Serial

Standard I/O Ports (1) RJ45
Mouse USB
Keyboard USB
Display 20″ LCD Monitor
Software Desktop license included
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7 (x64)
System Packages
Weight 12kg (15lbs)
Size (W x H x D) 61 x 48 x 20.4cm ( 24 x 19 x 8in)
Optional accessories External Power Kit, Mounting Kit, Antenna Extension Cable
Consumables 4 x AA batteries