METMF(R) NEXGEN


Feature Highlights

  • Rapidly deployable sensor suites with stand-alone capability: Surface Sensors, Upper Air System, Meteorological Satellites, & Doppler RADAR
  • Production: Mesoscale NOWCAST Model, Forecaster’s Tool Kit, & Tactical Decision Aids
  • FORCEnet compliant or capable
  • Up-armored for Force Protection
  • Ruggedized for Survivability

The Meteorological Mobile Facility (Replacement) Next Generation (METMF(R) NEXGEN) offers the U.S. Marine Corps an expeditionary, operationally relevant, affordable system.

The METMF(R) NEXGEN provides tactical meteorological support to the MAGTF with continuous meteorological observations, satellite imagery, and forecasts.

This system will replace the legacy METMF(R) with current and emerging state-of-the-art technologies offering a smaller overall size and increased mobility. These advancements will significantly enhance the meteorological capabilities of the Marine Corps Expeditionary Forces.

The METMF(R) NEXGEN uses a mesoscale meteorological model to assimilate data from a variety of sources to provide the best meteorological data to the user (via a forecaster tool kit) in a timely fashion. The system ingests meteorological data from both ground-based sensors and satellites

In addition to METMF(R) NEXGEN, Smiths Detection is currently supplying the U.S. Army with a next-generation upper atmospheric measuring system, the Meteorological Measuring Set-Profiler, which is used to increase the accuracy of field artillery.