Fixed structure – HCVS


Feature highlights:

  • Stationary X-ray system for the inspection of fully loaded trucks and containers
  • Ideal for maritime ports, border crossings and airports dealing with heavy traffic
  • Easy and fast processing with low staffing requirements
  • viZual technology for real organic/inorganic material discrimination
  • Top of the line system for manifest verification
  • Detection capacity reaching 100%
  • Utilises a 9MeV accelerator
  • Material discrimination in the side view


  • Automatic Radioactive Material Detection (ARD)
  • Single of dual view technology
  • Single or dual tunnel version

The HCVS is the most powerful tool in the HCV product range.

For customs and police authorities this top of the range system is an indispensable tool in beating smugglers and terrorists.

HCVS is supplied with DaiSy, our powerful software platform installed as standard on all our HCV Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems.  DaiSy displays detailed X-ray images and provides operators with multiple customisable image treatments, options and comparison tools, aiding in the timely interpretation of results and verification of cargo.

Permanently installed on a dedicated site, it provides swift inspections for fully loaded trucks (wheels, chassis, tanks, load & tractor) and containers, allowing easy verification of customs documents.

The HCVS is available in single or dual tunnel versions and can be equipped with single or dual view technology as well as high energy discrimination – thereby ensuring the detection of suspicious objects such as smuggled goods, weapons, explosives or drugs.


Throughput 20 trucks per hour
Steel penetration up to 410 mm (16”)
Minimum staff requirement 1 supervisor, 3 image operators, 1 traffic marshal, 1 check-in operator, 1 re-check operator