Independent trailer – HCVM T


Feature highlights:

  • High throughput of up to 25 trucks per hour in scan mode and up to 150 trucks per hour in pass through mode
  • Steel penetration up to 320mm (12.6″)
  • viZual technology for real organic/inorganic material discrimination at 6MeV
  • Up to 6 different Scanning Modes
  • Adjustable Scanning Heights
  • Ability to be relocated within the port without the need of a tractor via remote control


  • Automatic Radioactive Material Detection (ARD)
  • Space+ Cabin for up to 8 Image Analysis Workstations
  • Automatic Guidance System

The latest HCVM T series provides even more enhanced screening and security features such as viZual technology for organic/inorganic material discrimination. This trailer based version uses a range of accelerators from 4MeV to 6MeV and combines all the advantages of a mobile system while eliminating the need for a full time truck platform.  This provides a convenient solution for port and border  checkpoints.

HCVM T is supplied with DaiSy, our powerful software platform installed as standard on all our HCV Cargo and Vehicle Inspection Systems.  DaiSy displays detailed X-ray images and provides operators with multiple customisable image treatments, options and comparison tools, aiding in the timely interpretation of results and verification of cargo.

The HCVM T, can be towed by a standard truck. The HCVM T is designed for ease of operation requiring a minimal footprint and external infrastructure while still meeting the most demanding international security screening requirements.

Minimum Crew Requirements 1 image operator/driver and 1 traffic marshal
Weight 28 tons
Scanning speed 24 or 12m/min – 36m/min available in option • Passage of the trucks in pass through mode up to 7km/ 4mph
Operating temperature -20°C to +43°C (-25°C to 50°C in option)