Detailed analysis – DaiSy

Powerful software platform

Feature Highlights:

  • High performance organic/inorganic material discrimination
  • High resolution X-ray images and colourisation from a single scan
  • Provides coloured differentiation between different kinds of inspected objects
  • Highlights hidden organic material e.g. explosives, narcotics, plastic, etc.
  • Can be used with all existing Smiths Detection HCV X-ray inspection systems

DaiSy is the powerful software platform installed as standard on all our HCV Cargo & vehicle inspection, giving operators access to a variety of customizable image treatments, options and comparison tools, to aid in the timely interpretation of images and verification of cargo.

This powerful solution quickly and reliably delivers detailed images for analysis; increasing cargo throughput and protecting country borders and entry points against the illegal movement of contraband, alcohol, explosives, arms, dirty bombs and other illegal substances.

Contact us to discover how DaiSy’s powerful performance can quickly and easily assist you with identifying targets and threats.

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