Transmission X-ray people screening system

Feature highlights:

  • Detects contraband and threat objects concealed internally or externally on the body including weapons, explosives, narcotics etc.
  • High throughput – scan time less than 7 seconds
  • Complete head to toe inspection even if shoes are worn
  • Very low dose rates

The B-SCAN series provides a security solution for people screening, enabling the detection of objects and threats concealed internally or externally on the body.  B-SCAN helps to reduce the smuggling of drugs, guns, knives, cell phones and other contraband.  B-SCAN utilizes fixed components, resulting in a reliable and easy to maintain system, with low lifetime of ownership costs.

There are currently more than 250 B-SCAN systems deployed around the world, in a variety of applications, such as prisons, airports and customs checkpoints. Other applications include mines and refineries, helping to reduce incidents of diamond, gem and precious metal thefts amongst employees.

B-SCAN is available in four models, to support both general and limited use applications, in accordance with ANSI N43.17 2009 guidelines.

General-use refers to screening systems which use extremely low dose rates to screen a person.  The dose rate is so low that there is no need to limit the number of individuals screened or, in most cases, the number of screenings an individual can have in a year.

  • 16HR-LD 100 – Our lowest dose system; optimised for applications such as regular inmate screening for contraband. Operating at 0.1µSv per inspection, allowing for 2,500 scans/year.
  • 16HR-LD 250 – Operates at a dose rate of 0.25µSv / inspection (1,000 scas/year).

Limited use refers to screening systems which use a higher dose rate per scan, to provide superior image performance. The usage of these systems must be controlled and frequency of usage limited.

  • 16HR-DV–This dual-view system delivers a high resolution torso image and is best suited to applications such as customs drug detection.  Operating at <4.5µSv / inspection (~55 scans/year).
  • 16HR-FB – Provides a full-body X-ray image, in excellent quality at 2.0µSv per inspection (~125 scans/year). This model is ideallysuited for higher security inmate screening.

All models have been independently verified to meet the ANSI guidelines

Click here, to see a short video showing how the B-SCAN is used to combat drug smugglers at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota, Colombia.

Additional options:

SIM – provides the capability to control annual screening limits and store images and data for future reference & comparison.