LCD 3.3 ACCESSORIES

Auto Inlet Module (AIM)

The Auto Inlet Module (AIM) allows the LCD to be remotely operated using a simple switching signal, removing the need to access the device for manual activation. This improves the flexibility by locating the device to ensure optimal performance.

Power and Communications Adaptor

The PCA enhances the capability of the LCD 3.3 to provide power, data and an easy to use interface which enables the detector to be used for platform integration and remote monitoring applications.

Features of the PCA:
RS232, RS422 & USB data interface
Alarm relay contacts
12VDC alarm contacts, suitable for an M42 alarm
8-32VDC power input (suitable for vehicle power supplies)
Quick release connections for platform installations
Qualified to Military environmental standards

Fixed and removable mounting kits are available for direct installation on the chosen platform.



Software Development Kit (SDK)

Provides 3rd party integrators and OEMs with the software to interface LCD 3.3 with a variety of platforms



Protective Carry Case

Designed to protect the LCD and also enable the user to carry the unit securely. Can easily be attached to most types of harness or belt.  Available in the same colours as the units.



Accessories Pouch

Keeps all the user accessories safe in one place. Comes with battery cassette, confidence sample, survey nozzle and earpiece as standard. Can be attached to most types of harness or belts.  Available in the same colours as the units.



Confidence Tester

This device enables the unit to be tested by the user to ensure optimal performance. Using two simulants to test all modes of operation.

Battery Cassette

The battery cassette accepts 4 x AA commercial batteries. An additional battery cassette can be retained for quick and easy battery exchange.



Survey Nozzle

The survey nozzle is fitted in place of the raincap. The instrument can then be used to survey cargo, equipment, personnel, facilities etc.



Sieve Packs

This consumable will last for approximately 250 hours of operation. The unit will indicate when the sieve pack requires replacement. Sieve packs are supplied in quantities of 10.




An earpiece is provided for covert operations, used to supply audible alarms to the operator only. When fitted to the unit, the sounder is automatically muted.










Dock Assy

The Dock Assy is another device that enables secure connection to the LCD 3.3, only more compact. It enables the use of power and data connections.
Features of the Dock Assy:
RS232 data interface
8-32VDC power input
Qualified to Military environmental standards