HazMatID & 360 ACCESSORIES

ClearSampler Starter Kit

Part number: 000-4040

The ClearSampler starter kit contains 2 ClearSampler handles and 12 sampling discs (2 packages of 6).

The ClearSampler sample collection discs represent a revolutionary method to collect a sample for FTIR analysis. Efficiently and effectively collect sample material from clothing, porous surfaces, dried/caked-on residuals from containers or bags, even oils suspended in aqueous solutions.

The highly efficient collection material is invisible to the instrument and therefore allows for the identification without the need to subtract out the collection media.  The single use discs retain the sample material for further analysis or evidentiary needs.

To watch a brief demonstration of the ClearSampler in action, please click here.


Replacement ClearSampler Handle

Part number: 000-4041


Replacement ClearSampler Disks

Part number: 000-4042

Pack of 6.


Replacement Rechargeable Batteries

Part number: 023-4008

2 Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries (11.1V).  Chargeable in the system or separately in an external battery charger.  Manufacturer’s warranty applies.



External Battery Charger

Part number: 023-4009

NOTE: plug types vary by regions.  Please indicate which type of international power plug (IEC) is needed and add that letter to the part number when ordering (Example: 023-4009B for a US style plug). Available types are: B, C, D, L, and K. Plug types by region can be located at www.iec.ch/worldplugs/.



Consumables Replacement Kit

Part number: 023-4030

Includes replacement of all the minor accessories provided with the HazMatID system.

The kit includes:

  • 2 Volatile Liquid Covers
  • 2 Liquids Reservoir
  • 2 Microspoons
  • 50 Plastic Pipettes
  • 50 Alcohol Swabs
  • 5 Fuses (5A)
  • 5 Fuses (Fast Acting 3A)
  • 25 Wooden Spatulas
  • 2 Polyethylene Performance Validation Standards



Auto Cigarette Lighter Power Adapter

Part number: 023-4010



Fuses for the HazMatID

Part number: 023-4018

Replacement fuses for the HazMatID, Pack of 5



Polyethylene Performance Validation Sample

Part number: 4002-714